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With a team of professional expert tutors in Austin area, our 1-on-1 private tutoring service in Austin will help you get the best learning experience at affordable prices. We use the most reliable learning methods to speed up your learning objectives.
Our 1-on-1 tutoring service in Austin area lets you hit your learning objectives with speed and precision while introducing you to new concepts in a fun, engaging, and productive way.

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– Identify your needs.
– Select the Splendid tutor of your choice.
– Schedule the time.
– Get the required help you need.


– No costly packages to buy.
– Pay as you go.
– Pay after the completion of your session.
– Installment plans available if needed.

Launching The Most Effective Online Learning Platform

Our Private Tutors

Our private tutors in Austin, with tangible proofs of certification, undergo rounds of tests to prove their worth before ever showing up to give instructions. What you will experience are sought-after teaching sessions that help you understand important aspects of your subject outlines.

Our Private Tutoring

When you register for a personal tutoring session using our private tutoring service in Austin, you are signing up for the fullest tutoring experience affordable to most people. Our team of experienced and professional tutors in Austin area are dedicated to making learning easy, fast, and engaging, breaking down complex concepts into bits so that you can understand.

Best Online Tutoring

If your child has been struggling with remote or hybrid learning, you’re not alone. We know online tutoring is been challenging and not ideal for many kids. The good news? It should not be a hard nut to crack at all.

Throughout Periods Of Private Tutorship, You Will Notice How Previously Difficult Concepts Become "Easy On Your Brain" And How Much Of The Learning Workload Becomes a Walkover.

Our Unique Approach Is Tailored To Fit
Every Student's Specific Needs


Kindergarten through Middle School could be tough on kids, many times affecting how they learn. This is when a one-on-one qualified tutor from our group of certified tutors in Austin will make all the difference between a happy learning child and a sad unbalanced child.

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Specialized knowledge is the hallmark of college education, and it requires having tutors with enough experience and know how to make complex terms easy to understand. Our splendid private tutors in Austin area have that experience. This is something we pride ourselves on.

Splendid Tutoring Test Prep

Tests like the SAT, TOEFL/IELTS, and ACT need hours of preparation. Hours should be spent working on your understanding of difficult concepts and ideas. A personal 1-on-1 tutoring from splendid tutors in Austin helps shorten the learning process and helps you get better results.

Let Our Experienced
Tutors in Austin
Fit Into Your Schedule & Budget

Online Tutoring With Positive Results

We Are All About Improving Your Learning Convenience

We do not use a learning center to provide our tutoring service. Instead, we have made it convenient for you by allowing contract tutors to show up at your doorstep, removing the friction involved in moving from one location to another. The other convenient option is our best online tutoring where you can access the best tutors nation wide.

Our parents have always been pleased with this development, we hope you are too. If you ever need our services in Austin, we are one call away from showing you what it means to learn easy, fast, and without hassle.

The pressure can be taken off your chest now! If making up for lost skills, mastering advanced concepts, or preparation for any upcoming test, we provide the supplemental support that leads to greater learning and splendid results.

Best Private Tutoring For Everyone

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Emma Cleland
Emma Cleland
My daughter’s chemistry tutor, Jennifer, was fantastic. She did a great job explaining difficult concepts & greatly helped in my daughter’s success in her honors chemistry class. She was also very flexible with scheduling which really helped with my daughter’s busy schedule!
Splendid Tutoring is amazing. Mrs.Shamsah is very kind and gives good advice.My children don’t speak much English,but they are successful at school thanks to their tutor.Ava is a good teacher and my children like her. I recommend them if you are looking for a tutor.
Kristin Carrera
Kristin Carrera
Cindy and Splendid Tutoring helped our daughter with STAAR prep over the summer and not only got through lots of content but also held her attention through building strong rapport. We were super impressed with her progress and Cindy’s ability to engage our daughter. Also, Shamsah (company owner) offered us a lot of helpful advice and additional support. Highly recommended!
Lady Laura
Lady Laura
Shansah and the tutor Gabbi worked miracles with my 12 yo in preparing him to take the assessment for entry into Cornerstone Christian School. My son’s STAR level grade advanced over one full grade after just summer tutoring! They work with your schedule and each child’s learning ability on an individual basis. We tried other tutoring companies but like the individual attention and learning curriculum catered for our son, from this small company. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!😊
rachael provencio
rachael provencio
We are happy we found Splendid Tutoring! Shamsah asked a lot of questions about my son to fit him with the best tutor. Aaron has been extremely patient and worked very well with my son. There was a mistake with billing and Shamsah was able to correct it over a weekend and sent Tiff’s Treats over. Would definitely recommend Splendid Tutoring!
Clinton Couch
Clinton Couch
I needed assistance with Spanish translation, reading, and pronunciation for my ministry. Splendid Tutoring offered me a personalized and cost-effective plan scheduled at my convenience. My tutor Dara Shaw is gifted, patient, and very supportive. I highly recommend Splendid Tutoring and Dara Shaw for Spanish tutoring.
One of the best, if not the best, tutoring centers I’ve ever been to. Shamsah goes out of her way to make sure each and every student’s needs are met, no exceptions. I highly recommend Splendid Tutoring!
Roger Herrera
Roger Herrera
Ian, Shelley, Gabi and Steve are all fantastic tutors! They were able to help my son who attends Basis Shavano on a a variety subjects including: Economics, Algebra 2, Biology and Chemistry. We are so glad we found Splendid Tutoring!
Nicole Tuck
Nicole Tuck
I have been working for Splendid Tutoring since the first of June. Shamsah is AMAZING! She is so helpful and understanding! She truly cares for the students and works to ensure that every student is paired with the most qualified tutor. I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to work for this company and most importantly the amazing students that I’ve had the opportunity to tutor so far!
Gabi S
Gabi S
As a tutor that has worked for the company, I have loved being apart of the journey for students and parents alike! Truly a great resource for students to feel more confident in school.

Private Tutoring Benefits

1) Private 1-on-1 Attention

Daily school with crowded classrooms makes it difficult to get the full attention of the teacher. 1-on-1 private tutoring allows 100% attention from both sides.

2) Increased Confidence

Students who may be uncomfortable asking questions in a daily classroom setup are well suited for our private tutoring session where student can feel confident to ask questions.

3) Boosts Understanding

Private 1-on-1 tutoring also pushes the student to master concepts quickly which may seems difficult in regular school classroom setting.

4) Customized Learning

Each student is different and so is their learning style. The unique order of presenting the concepts is crucial, including what should be taught first and with what kind of examples. This helps with digesting the advanced concepts.

5) Convenient Learning

Whether you choose online learning or private 1-on-1 tutoring, both options are scheduled according to the convenience of the student’s timetable. The student is able to attend the session with full concentration and energy.

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