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The very beginning of everybody’s math journey. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division round-off elementary math, a leap towards future courses. Explore this section for help with counting, estimating numbers, and measuring values. Remembering your multiples of 9 or estimating distances, we’ve got you covered!



Arithmetic, geometry, shapes. Pre-algebra is most people’s first step into arithmetic. Explore this section for explanations on balancing equations, solving expressions, and learning rules of evaluation. Whether you need help manipulating exponents, solving factors or evaluating fractions, we’ve got your back!



Expressions and equations mark your entrance into algebra, a course built around concepts. Conceptually, algebra is difficult as well! Explore this section for a dive into rational numbers, analyzing equations and inequalities, and solving variables. If you need help isolating variables, fixing inequalities, or finding functions, we’re here to help!



Squares, triangles, circles, they all have one thing in common: geometry. Explore this section for a deep dive into how to calculate shapes’ area, volume, or perimeters. Remembering equations and special tactics for any shape can be hard. Whether it may be calculating the volume of a cube or finding how many rectangular planks you need to build a house, we’ve got your geometry needs covered!



Trigonometry’s the first step into some of the math big-leagues, and it’s not hard to see why. Finding side lengths from angles and angles from sides? Explore this section to learn more about SOHCAHTOA, sines, cosines, and tangents, all major parts of learning trig. Who knew that triangles were so tricky? Lucky for you, whether you need to find right triangles’ angles or the hypotenuse, we’ve got your back!



Calculus is tough. Lucky for you, there’s pre-calculus, a build-up of algebra and trigonometry for calculus. Explore this section for help with functions and graphs, polynomials, and probability and statistics. Doesn’t that make you glad there’s a pre-version of calculus? That’s why we’re here to train you in the arts of complex numbers and vectors, geometry and sequences, as well as everything in-between!



Welcome to “the calculus of infinitesimals,” or calculus, the study of relating changes between values. Explore this section to learn more about limits and continuity, derivatives, and integrals. Connect all parts of mathematics through the most analysis and application heavy topic, one that’s built to explain how the world works. Whether you’re studying functions or continuous change and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered!



Ever wonder why the odds to win a jackpot is 1 in 302.5 million? Well, with probability and statistics, you can find those odds yourself! Explore this section for explanations on how to analyze data, explore probabilities, and transform variables. Mean, median, mode, or not, we’ve got help for all of your probability and statistics needs!


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